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Metropol Parasol

The Metropol Parasol or, as it is commonly known, Setas de Sevilla (Seville’s Mushrooms) or Setas de la Encarnación is a spectacular structure located in the central Plaza de la Encarnación (Encarnación Square) in Seville (capital city of Andalusia, Spain)

Its dimensions are 150 x 70 and 26 meters high. It was the winning project in a public tender carried out by Seville’s City Council in order to rehabilitate the square in which it is located. Its designer, the Berliner architect Jürgen Mayer, defined this building as follows:

“It is one of the largest and most innovative wooden structures of our time. Surpassing the site of an archaeological excavation, its sun visors, with their dense organic texture and wavy panels, rise up to become a reference place, defining a unique relationship between historic and contemporary times. “ J. MAYER H. Architects

Metropol Eventos

The venue Metropol Eventos, a large balcony over Seville, is located at the top floor of the Metropol Parasol.

View of Seville’s downtown whose central axis are the Guadalquivir River, Seville’s Cathedral, La Giralda, and the Metropol Parasol.

Metropol Eventos consists of a fully glazed-in area of ​​400 m2 and another 400 m2 of private surrounding walkways. It can serve as an accommodation of a single event or provide separate spaces, with absolute privacy to host diverse activities:

  • Congresses and conventions
  • Company meetings
  • Product presentations and marketing campaigns
  • Fashion shows
  • Seminars
  • Social events
  • Leisure and cultural activities


Metropol Eventos provides four different spaces that can be combined or connected according to the proposals of the client or needs of each particular event:

  • Metropol Lounge (1)
  • Parasol Lounge (2)
  • North Terrace (3)
  • Panoramic Walkways


Metropol Eventos has a maximum capacity of 350 guests. These are the different areas and capacities according to the type of staging required:

Capacity (PAX) Gala Cocktail Theater School
Metropol Lounge* 240 300 280 150
Parasol Lounge* 90 160 100 60
North Terrace (107m2) 120
Panoramic Walkaways (204m2)

 *Metropol and Parasol lounges can cover differents events or be joined as a unique venue

The lounges, with their glazed-in walls and east-west orientation, capture the brightness of the day. By night, they transform into viewpoints of the city and its touristic monuments. They are fully equipped in terms of air conditioning and they also are sound-insulated to be able to accommodate a huge variety of activities throughout the year.

In addition to this, the North Terrace, combined with Seville’s mild climate, is a perfect complement for relaxing moments.

The panoramic walkways surrounding the lounges offer additional space to enjoy the building and its stunning views of the city.

Metropol Lounge

Parasol Lounge

North Terrace and Walkaways


Contact and reservations

We will be happy to design and carry out customized solutions for unique events, from choosing the space required to the overall organization, including catering services, specialized staff, media equipment, assistants, security services, etc.

In case you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by telephone at +34 954 256 547.

Roman mosaic exhibited at the Antiquarium museum, in the basement of Metropol Parasol building